Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yankee Golden Retriever Club - December 10-11, 2011

Teller finished his weekend one for four at the Yankee Golden Retriever Club trial - on paper maybe not so hot, but really four great runs.

Saturday we started with a bar down in JWW - From the video it looks like I put pressure on a rear-cross and down came the bar. Saturday standard I had walked the course with a layer between the chute. Teller hits the table so hard he actually got two table legs off the ground! Classic Teller - completely unphased - I'd imagine he's pretty used to tables moving under him. Coming off the table he didn't have the momentum to get the push out and he came off the #12 (also #1) jump to the chute. That put me completely out of postion when he barreled out of that chute. Once something like that happens, well runs can fall apart easily (and ours did). We got it back together, I got my rear-cross at the teeter (kinda) and we finished with a great set of weaves - going into training mode - how much can I push the weaves in trial? So I put him in the weaves and raced him down the line. He stuck with them and really did his job.

Sunday Teller had a great standard run, two 180 sequences and Teller nailed both of them  - nice tight turns, no wasted time or space - just nice jump wraps. We get to the weaves, he seems to switch up his footwork, he's moving in the weaves with nice speed, but it's almost like he was trying to single-step through the poles - that's not his normal footwork. At pole 10 he pauses and looks at me and comes out of the poles. I don't think I did anything to pull him out though - clearly that's what he thinks he's supposed to do. It would have been a 24 point standard run for Teller - overall very pleased!

Sunday JWW was a tough course - lots of traps down that last line to the tunnel - four jumps, the 'wrong' end of the tunnel to a finish jump. Teller ran cleanly for a 10 point JWW run.

We'll 'get em' next time!

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