Thursday, December 29, 2011

Product Review: Dokken's Dead Fowl Trainers

Kippie with the Bob-White
Thanks to L.L. Bean we stumbled upon these fowl trainers during last Friday's 30% off (all dog products) sale. Teller had attempted to steal a similar model from a friend last summer - trotting around with it like he was SURE it was a gift for him. He was sad when he had to give that little quail back. I actually made a venture to Dick's Sporting Goods to see if they had them in stock, when I didn't find them I gave up...UNTIL:

So we've only had these for 24 hours or so but the boys - at least my two 'retrievers' (Murphy doesn't see the point) are just nuts for these fowl trainers - way more exciting than some silly bumper. I was impressed at how size and weight were similar to real birds - and they do seem to encourage proper pickup..

Teller with the Ruffed

I was hoping that these Dead Fowl Trainers would function as an every day retrieving toy that the dogs enjoyed retrieving (the kind that they steal out of the training bag to play with when they think I'm not paying attention) and also to encourage proper mid-body pickup of real birds - in the event that I magically get more time to do field training.

So far my initial impression is that I've got both. The dogs clearly prefer these retrievers over their plastic bumpers - even the fowl scented fabric bumpers. The Green wing and the bobwhite quail are small enough to tuck into my back pocket as we hike into our training space and with the attached rope I'm able to put the birds pretty close where I'm aiming them to land.

To be determined (obviously) how well these hold up to retrieving wear and tear, but they do seem to be pretty solid and sturdy and the price was certainly right. I ended up buying a full set - figuring that the smaller 'birds' were going to get the most use - I really don't see myself regularly flinging fake mallards around the playground at the school - but the quail and green-wing - are much lighter!!

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