Sunday, December 25, 2011

Presents, presents, presents...

I generally don't shop for Christmas, several folks got a few little things I knew they needed - but I don't 'do' Christmas shopping, malls, the tree, etc etc. I used to, but it just got to be too much work and too much stress.

The boys got a couple of things from L.L. Bean that I ordered on Friday (there was a one-day 30% off all dog products) - which they needed - the sale meant that they got them. So we have three new dog beds and some bird trainers coming in the next few weeks or so. We did have several packages arrive for the boys though which they got to play with today - the scene:
Patiently waiting?

The spread....

This dude scares me a little....glowing eyes and and a fiery mane.

Kippie dives onto the goodie pile like he dives onto his scent article pile.

Christmas shopping stresses Murphy out!

The bubblegum chewies were a hit.

Squeaker duck on steroids!

My squeaker duck! No MY squeaker duck!

Kippie ♥'s water buffalo.


Christmas coma. 

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