Friday, December 02, 2011

Kipling's Training Journal: Part Nine

Kipling is solidly into adolescence at this point - I figure based on typical golden time-line I'll be willing to sell him to the highest bidder in about three weeks :-) I've stepped up some rules with him and I've increased his level of exercise. This week he has decided that Murphy (poor Murphy still wearing a cone) is a good candidate for humping. Of course Murphy will never tell him to knock it off (which is all that it would take) and Kipling knows better than to try that macho stuff with Teller - and of course he doesn't try it when I'm there either, so at this point he doesn't get turned out with Murphy in the backyard unless I'm out there.

I've been sick since the cluster so formal sessions haven't happened this week - until yesterday when I hiked out to the barn to work the boys. Feeling like crud I set up jump grids for both boys.

This was Kipling's second ever jump session - as you can see he's clearly an advanced pupil :-) My goal for this session was to get him striding over the intervals, work some waits and lead-outs and finally break the line with turns! As you can see he's got a lot of handler focus at this point (he's looking at ME not at the jumps or to the jumps). This will change with experience as he figures out what his job is in this game.

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