Thursday, December 01, 2011

Jump Grids for Teller

Okapi, My Kapi
Get off my chest!
I'm still working my way through 'cluster flu' (being oncall and not getting a lot of sleep is certainly not helping my recovery), as a result my lung capacity is sitting somewhere between 10-15%. It's like running with an Okapi on my chest. Why an Okapi? Why the heck not? They're my favorite endangered species...

It's also been quite a while since Teller worked any jump grids (well over a year I'd imagine) and I'm still looking at 20" vs 24" for him, so I packed my video camera and set up some grids.

In the first series the jumps are set to 24" spaced for one-stride, bounce, one-stride. When the jumps come down to 20" however, the spacing becomes bounce, bounce, bounce as he can extend in the spacing. It takes a couple of reps for him to bounce the grid, but once he does - HOLY ATHLETE Batman! It's a thing of beauty. He's a nice jumper at 24", he certainly does not look like he's struggling at 24", but those 20" jumps look so effortless for him!

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