Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's official!

Finishing an AKC MACh is like running a race, crossing the finish line in first place, drinking the gatorade and then heading back home to wait a month while the race results are certified...You keep compulsively checking the race results and find out that the officials are still tabulating the metrics. This week I sent in my first MACh Teller dog show entries, that was cool - even cooler was the trial secretary who updated her records (without notification) to send out show confirmations already addressed to MACh Teller :-)

All great things, but I still had to wait for the American Kennel Club to catch up (there are a lot of events, a lot of entries, a lot of results - all these things take time). Well now - three and a half weeks later, the results are finally in - AKC has officially recorded Teller's MACh. We're official!

AKC has even started our countdown to MACH2 (I'm not so sure about that). When AKC catches up we're at 1 Double Q and nearly 200 points to the MACH2 - that's a long way to go! I do need to go back for that last CDX leg though!

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