Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's a bird...it's a plane...

From 12/3
It's a flying Kipling!  I wanted to recreate the shot from last weekend with Kipling galloping at the camera - all four feet off the ground. It wasn't the tightest focus on him and Teller wasn't at a particularly flattering position in his gallop. Kipling is mostly in focus - the expression is perfect goofy puppy excitement.

So - here's the hard part, go out and create the same conditions and get the same shot AGAIN. You talk to 5 photographers and they all have one of 'those' shots that they wish they could get again - a little more light, a little sharper focus, a different background, better exposure - you name it. One of my good friends has such a shot (for her it was sharpness) and has been back to the same place six times to try to catch that shot again - without any luck. Could I get another 'airs above the ground' with Kipling?

Well of course not - the expression plus the pose plus the light - It's so hard to duplicate every variable - though I certainly think it's easier with landscapes than with living subjects...

Here's the best one:
12/12 - kind of a grown-up expression, but there is still glee!
And then some others - what I did learn is that I have a nice wait and a good recall. Only Teller was out with us today - but Kippie totally ignored the soccer playing school children on the enjoying recess on the adjoining field.

 And some other shots:
Kipling Come! The Pre-launch.

Good wait.

Good wait.

Teller supervising from a sit-stay.

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