Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday at the Barn...December 23rd, 2011

Perhaps the best compliment we've ever had today, pardon a bit of setup as I get to the point...We're at the barn, I worked Kipling first - he was uncharacteristically unfocused - not sure where his head was, but I ended his session after about 8 minutes. One of his lessons right now is that if he doesn't want to play, that's fine, but he goes back in his box. Play the game, make mistakes, try stuff - all good. Put your head down and sniff and your turn is done - no emotion, no cajoling - it's not my job. (grin)

Teller is next up, and as I'm working Teller a mother and toddler (there for a sibling's riding lesson I presume) wander down to our arena to watch us work. Teller always appreciates an audience, doesn't miss a beat and continues to work beautifully. After a nice sequence (ending with nailing - and holding - a dogwalk), I break off training to toss an udder toy for Teller (he goes zipping off after it).The mom turns to me and says "That dog is the happiest worker! It looks like he just LOVES his job!" I grinned like a fool (I'm sure) as Teller comes bounding back to me with the udder inflation for either another throw or another sequence. Teller does love his job of course, but the secret is that he loves playing the game with me - any game would probably do...

Here's what we worked today - 15 minute session.

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