Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Addendum

Or perhaps a new tradition around here. Many of you know that we (my dogs) celebrate things around here with cheeseburgers - for really no other reason than it's a rare treat. Like kids who eat very healthy all the time and LOVE chicken McNuggets - my gluten-free, grain-free raw fed dogs love a good (or even sub-average) cheeseburger every once in a while :-) 

This year Teller received a gift card in the mail from his daughter Jordan (who saved up several weeks of her allowance) with instructions to take the entire family out for cheeseburgers - what better timing for a treat than Christmas Eve?

As a thank you to Jordan, the whole family poses with the gift card...oh the anticipation!!!
So Christmas Eve afternoon, after laundry, housekeeping, a photoshoot and some napping (naturally) - Teller and I made the trek to McDs:
With Ma in her kerchief (I mean fleece covered in dog hair) and with DOG as my co-pilot, off we go to the drive-thru. We also stopped at the convenience store around the corner for lotto tickets - so 'Ma' can dream of retirement and visions sugar plums dancing around a big beautiful agility facility in the heart of Chittenden County :-)

Teller delivering the 'goods' back to the homestead. Three cheeseburgers for the boys and one very delicious non-fat peppermint mocha treat for me (not pictured).

And tonight for supper the boys will be served a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dish - the feast of FIVE fishes! On the menu: ground lobster, ground salmon, whole capelin, whole mackerel and whole sardines (all from our friends at Oma's Pride). Lucky dawgs!

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