Sunday, December 18, 2011

Agility Club of New Hampshire - December 17-18, 2011

Our last trial of the year, so we'd better make it worth our while eh?

Saturday we started with JWW - a clean run, not great speed in the poles, but that's OK - clean is clean and plus 12 points for that run. Standard was another clean run with nice contacts and fast weaves (for another QQ) and 20 points there.

Sunday JWW we had the #2 bar - a double - so I went into experimentation mode - pushed and didn't support a jump on a partial pinwheel - Teller came with me, I haven't reinforced push and gos enough obviously, Teller clearly thought he was supposed to move with me. It's all good - we were 18 seconds under standard course time which would have translated to 18 MACH points if we'd been clean. Sunday standard we redeemed ourselves with fast weaves, a great dogwalk contact (an a-frame contact that I wasn't so thrilled with - but he was in) and another 22 points.

So Teller finished the weekend with three for four: plus one QQ and plus 54 MACH points. Not bad for a weekend's work eh?

So we finished the year 2011 with a grand total of 22 double Q's and 827 MACH points (1047 points for breed standings = 10*QQ + MACH points) . I won't know for sure until all the year-end results are in, but I believe we'll absolutely finish in the top 50 for the breed for the calendar year (we were #40 back at the beginning of November and we've added 4 QQs and 300 points since then). Not too shabby for a couple of New England Hillbillies eh?

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