Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tuesday at the Barn - November 1st, 2011

We moved into the barn last week, but today was the first day I've had time to go out and really work my dogs (just Kipling and Teller today). Here's what got setup and what I worked on. Teller continued his theme of  being (as my friend Ann says)"Full of Beans". He was fast, he was accurate and he was hitting his contacts and weave entries beautifully. He got a little stuck on the a-frame/tunnel discrimination forcing me to go deeper into the tunnel to get the tunnel instead of the a-frame. I think next week when I work him I'll drop the a-frame and work verbal discriminations without physical cues. He's got a lot of reinforcement for contacts lately so obviously that's what he's favoring.

Kipling worked some sit and down stays with some good distractions (the goings-on at the barn are all new to him - Teller is all about work - Kipling is all about the entire world!). After he settled in a bit we worked some 'yellows'- just the bottom of the dogwalk ramps - up on the side above the yellow (3/4 up the ramp) and then move down into his 2o2o. He bounced through the contacts a couple of times - which is good (make mistakes, fix it and try not to make them again) and also good because he was starting to really move somewhat aggressively on the board. He's clearly willing to make mistakes and he's consistently willing to go back and try again. I only did about a dozen reps on each side, adding in some pressure on the leash to break (hold your position) and also adding in some front and blind crosses at the bottom.

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