Monday, November 28, 2011

The Thanksgiving Cluster - November 25-28th, 2011

We're home from the cluster - this will be a two-part post, too much to cover in one post!

The runs - Teller was amp'ed. The boy loves his dirt and the only time we get to trial on dirt all year (sod doesn't count)! The weather was perfect - PERFECT! The boys were comfy in the car with windows and doors opened and the building (not insulated and largely unheated) was nice and cool all four days.

The cluster is HUGE! 1500 agility runs each day in four rings with six judges. ISC classes, FAST, T2B. The Excellent 20" class was nine pages of dogs (150 dogs) and ran nearly all day! Our 24" class was well over 85 dogs. BIG BIG classes!!! This is the largest agility trial in the country.

In the other two show buildings (something like six acres of indoor dog shows and vendors), they had 20 rings of conformation, four obedience rings and two (I think) rally rings. We did a little shopping (part of this will be in part TWO of the cluster recap) and had a few good runs.

The net result for Teller was about 60 points and one more QQ (we're calling that a 'bumper' leg) as we likely won't pursue a MACH2 {we'd need 19 more QQ's and 500 points}. We're definitely going to put some more time into contacts this week - particularly that DOGWALK contact! We did get some training in the ring - pushing a bit here and there to see what I had - net win all around.

Here are the runs - Part TWO tomorrow:

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