Sunday, November 06, 2011

Schenectady Dog Training Club - November 5-6, 2011

What a week! Montreal on Friday and down to Greenwich, New York on Saturday! I felt like I spent all day Friday in the car. Kipling had an awesome day in Canada, but the weekend was Teller's turn.

Saturday Standard:  Super fun course, Teller had some good speed, nice contacts. A call-off a wrong course before the weaves threw him off a little and he ended up coming out of the weaves at pole #10. That was his only fault and really it was a fun course to run even with that fault.
Short-sleeve weather in November?
Heck yeah! Perfect photography weather.

Saturday JWW: We've got all of our MACH points - single Q's really don't help us very much now, so it's really easy now to go out and really push on those courses. I pushed a bit on Saturday afternoon, layered a few jumps and ended up doing a funky rear-cross into a blind cross (which I'll be the first to call a Blind-Ass cross), it's not at all how I walked it, but it totally worked for us - watch it on the video - it cracks me up! We finished with a 2nd place (in a large 24" class) on a 9 point run.

Sunday JWW: A couple of long lines with lots of off-course options. I decided to layer one of the down and backs - hoping to be in a better position for a rear cross before the weaves. In pushing for the layer, Teller landed deeper than I expected and he came around the #15 jump. Just the one bobble, great weaves and a strong finish.

Sunday Standard: Another fun course and another great run by Teller - really pleased. He had super contacts, saved the run with his weave entry (he landed deep, I was moving in for a rear-cross behind the weaves and he had to work to find the entry). I was very pleased - just out of the ribbons on this one in large part due to me holding him on the dogwalk contact.

For the weekend we were 2 for 4 - one JWW leg and one Standard leg. Too bad we didn't pull it together for the same day! It's all good, love the way he's running - he feels good, he's looking great and that's the best part of this ride!

The video from the weekend:

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