Saturday, November 05, 2011

Oh Canada....

Olympic Stadium
Mr. Kipling (and Murphy, Teller) and I made a daytrip to Montreal for one day of the United Kennel Club's big fall show. This is not the American UKC club, this is an affiliate club of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). This is a HUGE show inside Olympic stadium (which is a HUGE awe-inspiring place actually). In addition to the dog show, there is obedience, agility (which wasn't offered on Friday or I might have entered Teller in ACC Novice for the heck of it) and rally there are also ummm lets see....bouncy castles, ponies (pony rides) and vendors with various wares including chickens, birds, rabbits, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Yes - BOUNCY castles! Essentially this club makes as much if not more on gate admission to the public. Many breeders have booths promoting their dogs and working breed education too...It's HUGE.

Kipling worked beautifully for Graeme and Emily Burdon and finished with a reserve winners and Best of Breed Puppy. He had another great ring experience and he's ready to go again when I find another show in which to enter him. In puppy sporting group I couldn't believe how LITTLE he looked next to the older "senior puppies". Some pictures from the day:

Bienvenue Au Montreal

Kipling poses in front of a dinosaur (or dragon) bouncy
castle/slide combo.

The BIG boys looking for something to pee on....Murphy waited
until we got home and onto green grass... 

Teller says "I can't believe we came all this way and there's agility
stuff here and I have to hang out in the van!

There was a certain amount of desperation in my voice:
Kippie, Go pee! How about I offer 2o2o, is that worth a cookie?
Kipling too would not pee underground in a parking garage...nor
on the sidewalk when I hiked out of the garage. City-Dawg Fail. 
And some action shots:

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