Wednesday, November 09, 2011

November Sun and Fun

What are the odds that we'd see 68 degrees and sun the second week of November? We won't spend too much time calculating the details as it was much too nice not to get out and play. Murphy is back in a cone with a skin thing on his muzzle and chin. Definitely not a hot spot, but Murph is really determined to scratch the heck out of himself - he had already caused himself a bald spot on the side of his muzzle by the time I noticed he was messing with his face. So Murph had to stay home as there's just no sense bringing a dog for a run in a cone.

So Teller, Kipling and I headed out to the school - camera in tow, for some fresh-air and exercise. It was 4:30pm so the light wasn't great - obviously that didn't stop the fun.

If you can't beat them, bite their face.

Also not their finest moment. Can you find Kippie?

I want it!

Not a great shot - but look at all those FEET!

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