Sunday, November 20, 2011

MACh Teller - At Middlesex County Kennel Club - November 19-20, 2011

MACh Teller-Woo
Middlesex County Kennel Club
November 19th, 2011
A short post tonight with big news....Mostly that we didn't waste any time sitting on Double Q #19! I proudly announce MACh Teller! Actually that's:

There's a certain ring to that eh?

We finished our awesome weekend with two 4th place placements, about 45 MACh points and overall 3 for 4 for the weekend.

I also have to thank all of my truly awesome agility peeps who cheered me on not only yesterday and today - but every run we've ever had over the last year and a half on this journey from Novice, struggling through Open Standard with dogwalk and a-frame contacts. That teeter issue that cropped up last November, the run of one mistake standard runs in Excellent B, Mr. JWW consistently throwing down Excellent B JWW legs with a jumpers Q-rate approaching 90%. A full half of our (now) 950 points coming from JWW - points harder to come by for us in JWW. It takes a village and it's a journey to get there!

Our runs from the weekend:

Oh and those of you following this blog know that Teller gets a cheeseburger for every Double-Q. Here's MACh Teller the cheeseburger remix - all twenty cheeseburgers :-)

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Kennedy said...

Yahoo!!! Whoohoo!!! Whoop whoop! Great job. Oh what a wonderful journey it is for those of us seeking MACH. So excited for you! Can't wait until we get to tell our story ...although Vegas' is an "ice cream" victory versus cheeseburgers. :)