Monday, November 14, 2011

Kippie's day at the dog show...

In case anyone was wondering what Kipling does at a dog's a peek at a day in the life.

First Kipling goes in and works on some tricks, watches some agility and bonds with some of his favorite people. Here he is with Auntie Ann:

Then Kippie and his puppy friends go play in the dog-park attached to the show-site:
Not a great pose - but a good 'before' shot.

Kipling, Gracie (yellow labrador) and Hi-Fi (BC)

AND they're off!!!

Kipling much prefers to be the chaser, rather than the chasee.

Gracie in the muck pond. From which Kippie pulled a dead frog...which
he  (THANKFULLY) traded for a hunk of chicken. Will wonders never cease.

I'll get you Gracie!!!

Unfortunately the mud was the end of Kipling's social hour for the day - unless you count a date with a brush and some water-less shampoo a social event of record. In fairness 99.9% of the muck falls off when he dries off, which really just means that I'll be washing all his crate bedding this week.
The 'chaser' like the also-rans in horse racing is the one who ends up the dirtiest...

Oh but he had FUNSIES!

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