Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kipling's Training Journal: Part Seven

It's been a while since I've updated Kipling's training journal - mostly because we've been so busy 'doin' stuff'!

Kipling is now 6.5 months old - and is really evolving in his personality and work ethic. I haven't had enough daylight to get him out on the plank in the backyard, but now that we've moved into the barn for the fall/winter/spring I've got artificial daylight in which to work the dogs. I've started to expose Kippie to some real equipment - no jumps, no jumping and at this point no sequencing. What I am introducing now are crosses on the flat, crosses on tunnels and some transitioning of 2o2o behaviors to the bottom (and only the bottoms) of the full-height dogwalk and a-frame.

Tuesday's work for Kipling were tunnels, planks and teeter:
Tunnels: On a C shaped tunnel Kipling is working off both sides - including at this point (tunnel session #4) going into the tunnel away from me while I'm on the opposite side of the tunnel. In effect: go into the tunnel moving away from me (while I'm stationary). This looks a bit like this - the various lines correspond to dog paths of the same color.

Planks: I put Kippie on the full-height dogwalk and a-frame tonight....Not the whole obstacle, my method is to put the baby dog on the side just above the yellow (he jumps up, no lifting) and letting him move into his 2o2o behavior at the bottom of the contact - lots of cookies for sticking the 2o2o - adding in some duration and crosses before releasing him from the position.

BANG Game: Kippie hasn't worked the teeter in a few months - not since I initially exposed him to the bang game back in August. Kipling is a thinker - but once he has an idea of what I'm looking for he truly dives in with gusto. In this case I got one rep of BANG and then Kipling offered the entire plank (cookie for tip) and then cookie for the 2o2o.  I did about four reps of this (super successful) and then we'll put the teeter away for another couple of months. He's still a baby and I really intend to keep his sessions super short, fun and really light on the physical work.

Other stuff...
After Kipling's Canadian debut last week, I haven't worked him on any conformation tricks. He's got it down, at this point my working him probably only breaks his existing skillset.

Tricks...Since our last journal I posted a video of "Around" - I do need to get back to the perch game and introduce the box game...Kipling's favorite new trick is 'bounce' (there's a bounce clip at the end of "around".

This week we're going to go back to some attention games and some formal obedience work. Stays, waits and recalls. 

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