Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fun in the snow!

Not technically Kippie's first snow (the October snowstorm in CT was a real joy to be in), but it was our first snow for the season in Vermont - and thus Kippie's first chance to go outside and play (off-leash) in the white stuff.


Are you guys done yet? Breakfast was late 45 minutes ago and I'd
really like my breakfast. Breakfast is late, it's getting later.......


No, not pooping!!! Not exactly sure what he's doing here
though - perhaps the front end is turning while the rear-end
is going straight? Puppy weirdo!

Truth be told this is pretty much what Teller and Kipling do EVERY morning.
It's just that most morning I don't drag the camera out to capture the action.

Love K's eyes on this one!

Ummmm.....still hungry!


Woo always picks up his toys.

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