Sunday, November 13, 2011

American Bullmastiff Association - November 12-13th, 2011

Off to New Hampshire for a weekend of agility - This weekend was the American Bullmastiff Association's November trial with one of my all-time favorite judges Lavonda Herring (we always do well on Lavonda's courses - plus Lavonda is a funny lady with a great sense of humor).

Saturday we were 0 for 2. In standard we had a close tunnel call-off which put me out of where I had intended to be, then I mis-placed a front-crossed in front of the A-Frame - coming out of the rotation at the base of the a-frame pulling Teller off the a-frame entirely. Oh well!!! It's all good.

Saturday JWW I decided to try something I wouldn't have the guts to do if we were working on a double Q - the opening sequence is on the left (red handler path. A running start with a push out to the tunnel while I moved ahead for a front-cross after the triple. We ALMOST pulled it off - I should have pushed a bit harder at the tunnel as Teller went to the tunnel but pulled off the tunnel at the very last second. Definitely something I'll be setting up at the barn in the near-future. Fair-warning gang.

Sunday Standard and Sunday JWW we pulled it together for a nice QQ and about 30 more MACH points. Good boy Woo!

From the weekend:

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