Monday, October 17, 2011

SOTC - October 14-16th, 2011

We're back from Syracuse - alas, no QQ's. But some really nice runs - I'm relatively pleased with even our bad ones and I had my speedy Woo this weekend - who is very clearly happy to have the 50 degree fall weather rain or no rain - it's all good as long as it's COLD.

The net result was two FAST Q's (one 80 point run and one 77 point run) and two JWW legs.  Standard Q's were elusive this weekend with one mistake each run - Friday was a dogwalk contact, Saturday a wrong course/wrong end of the tunnel and Sunday's standard run went down the tubes with a wrong course jump instead of the #19 (last obstacle) tunnel.

And speedy Woo - who ran Sunday with a belly ache - not sure what disrupted his GI tract, we had to stopped twice on the way home but he didn't complain when he was served greek yogurt and rice for dinner instead of the raw mix the other boys got...He'll go on tripe for a couple of meals and I think that ought to do the trick.

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