Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some random shots...

Some of these are a few weeks old and I forgot to post them - so if the puppy looks a wee bit smaller that would be why!

10/01 - BORED DOGS

10/01 - What's up Kippie Do?

10/02 - Why Kipling has to eat in the bathroom.

10/2 - Hey Puppy! Want to play?

And here's a favorite - and a classic example of bad dog-mom. I'm on the phone, bag of chewies (big bag of chewies) on the floor. Kipling is in the bag I see that he's starting chewies and then going and getting others. The BIG dogs are half-heartedly chewing on the ones he's started. I get off the phone, turn around and here's what I see. BIG dogs seem vaguely aware that Kipling has crossed some kind of line, but are mostly waiting for their evening walk around the hotel grounds...Nevertheless....

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