Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project 'Replacement DogWalk Surface'

Back in August, I replaced my A-Frame surface with alumaskin and rubber replacement surfaces from Max 200. That blog post is here. This week it was time to replace the surfaces on the dogwalk - also sorrily in need of replacement before the equipment moves to the barn for the winter training season. I had purchased both the A-Frame and DogWalk surfaces back in July, but it took a while to get hands in place to get both pieces of equipment updated.

The OLD surface....
The dogwalk (new to me this summer) like the A-Frame was also made by J&J. It's a fixed height model, the frame is sturdy, but the surface was pressboard mounted to the aluminum frame. Pressboard might be absolutely find for equipment that is used exclusively for small dogs and on equipment that is always kept indoors (in a moisture-free environment), but not so good for equipment that spends any time at all outdoors in the elements. Moisture even on sealed a sealed pressboard surface is going to cause rot. Without caulking, rainwater will collect and soak between slats on the up and down planks - it's only a short matter of time before the surface begins to act as a sponge. As you can see by the picture on right, this surface too was dramatically in need of replacement!
Isn't it pretty?

If there was an advantage to the pressboard, it was the ability to break the 12' long planks into 3-4' pieces to load into my van for a quick trip to the transfer station for disposal. I didn't even have to move any crates!

The new Max 200 surface is gorgeous - just perfect. The 12' planks came in lengths of 6' - much easier to manipulate and move around. The pieces went together seamlessly and the finished product was everything I would expect. The replacement surfaces aren't cheap - but remember they're custom made to order, made by hand and made with a lot of attention to detail. You get what you pay for.

For winter training at the barn I now have a brand new gorgeous rubber surfaced A-Frame and an equally gorgeous brand-new and super safe dogwalk (the teeter surface was replaced last fall - with skins from Max 200). I know my students will appreciate the safe equipment and the great footing we have to train on this winter!

Above view - some bits of fluff stuck to the rubber (it'll wash off).
Side view - detail on granules.
Side view - details on slats and side profile of alumaskin surface.
And now for the important part - What do you think Teller-Woo? Do you like it?
Teller approves!!!
And Kipling (who is only shaping the end behavior folks - no dogwalk for baby puppy-head for a while yet), what do you think?
It appears that Kipling also approves of the new surface!
And now some fun with the DSLR and Movie Maker:

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