Sunday, October 23, 2011

Product Review: Biothane Martingale Slip Lead from Clean Run

Every once in a while a new product catches my eye, when I get my hands on them though I often find that I'm often disappointed by either workmanship, quality or design flaws. Sometimes though I'm wowed. This is one of those times a new product exceeded my expectations and I have to share.

The product I'm talking about is the Biothane Slip-Lead from Clean Run (made exclusively for Clean Run - you won't find this product on the Biothane website). I purchased one this week for Teller (red of course). Hogan Leatherworks makes a similar looking martingale leash out of bridle leather, with a padded throat piece. Hogan's products are works of art - really lovely products with a super high level of craftmanship - my leashes spend way too much time outside on damp grass agility fields though. The martingale leash I'm referring to (they make a beautiful padded bridle leather collar too):

Teller usually wears his comfort-flex harness for walks, potty runs and lounging around when we're at hotels, at a show or on the road. The comfortflex harness are perfect for these tasks, pretty comfortable (seemingly) for the boys to wear too - I don't feel bad leaving them on a good portion of the day. In agility, our pre-run routine is to take off the comfortflex and convert his Rocket Dog (of Vermont) leash into a slip lead - it seems to work well, it's a message to Teller that he needs to switch from crazy party-boy to working mode.

However, I anticipate a lot of training time in the barn this winter which will necessitate something that doesn't get so dirty (sandy) or caked with moisture and grit. Both the comfortflex harness and the poly leash get grimy in those conditions, the biothane leash was appealing to me because it's wipe-wash (I always have wipes in the van with me) appeared to have the look and feel of leather and also looked to be stink resistant (for field training) and durable. It helps that its pretty!

So lets's try one eh? My Biothane leash was delivered to me only this weekend (thanks Ann) and this is one of those products that I love already! It feels nice in my hands, it fits Teller beautifully - really the large could be a custom fit for him - the tightest setting is about 1/4" larger than the circumference of his neck - a perfect fit. When ordering these I'd imagine you want to air on the side of too small rather than too big. When I tried the lead on Kipling who has a much smaller neck than Teller, the same limited choke aspect that I loved for Teller meant that Kippie could easily slip out of the leash (or in his case get his mouth into the collar portion.
Teller models Biothane.
No pleathers were harmed in the production of this leash combo set.

I expect that the martingale is going to be a quicker leash-up at the end of a trial run (I seem to spend too much time looking for the loop on my kennel lead and as an added bonus I won't have to worry about him strangling himself as he makes his way back to his hot dogs (chicken, cheese, etc) after a successful run.

The Clean Run Biothane martingales come in red, lime green, rose and lilac. My only suggestion to Clean Run/All Things Biothane is to add some additional colors - pastels are pretty and all - but they aren't for everyone. I'd love to see a darker purple, a royal blue or go dressage queen style and go with a black and white combo that were all the rage back in my horse days (Mouse had a gorgeous black/white bridle)

Lastly a word on pricing - these leads start at $19.95 for a small 10-15" and go up to $21.95 for a large (20-29" - very attractive pricing if this lead holds up as well as I expect it to.

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