Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nutmeg Border Collie Club - October 28-30th, 2011

Neither wind, nor rain nor dark of night shall keep an agility dog from his runs...well - maybe snow. But not for the die-hards. A late October Nor'Easter POUNDED southern New England this weekend - dumping 18" of heavy wet stuff at the hotel this morning. YUCK. Driving home from the hotel was pretty miserable yesterday afternoon too - made significantly better with a stop at Griff's Chicken Shack on the way back.
Friday Morning Kipling's door was frozen Kipling
had to ride down with Murphy. As you can see one of the
two was not impressed by this new travel arrangement.

Runs from the weekend - Teller ran beautifully all weekend - with one Q each day. An A-Frame contact on Friday (which put me out of position for the next sequence), an honest bar on Saturday's JWW run and a mis-communication on today's standard run on what should have been an easy part - Teller looking back for direction and coming around a jump.

Teller had some great attitude this weekend - I especially liked his GROWLING in the weaves yesterday, which escalated to growling and BARKING in the weaves today. LOVE to see him so into the game right now, especially since we've been out and on the road so much this fall...
Kipling's first snow!

On the good side, this weekend put us well over the required 750 points we need for our MACH - those are out of the way, we just need the last two QQ's, which will come when they come. I'm all for waiting and letting them come when they come. Zen is good!

Saturday afternoon....Clearly impressed.
Funny that this weekend was unexpectedly Kipling's first snow! His first reaction was to eat it - ALL OF IT. His second reaction was a priceless look of WOW, I can catch all of these white things (super fun while he's on leash with the two BIG dogs - all going in different directions. Once he settled down a little (between on-leash zoomies) it was all about not being able to figure out where to pee! By morning though he'd figured out the snow stuff, made his first snow angels and had expertly figured out how to make yellow snow.

We were very lucky not to lose power - so many people in the area did lose power - we were warm and dry at the hotel and we were warm and dry at the trial site. Sure, it sucked to slosh through the parking lot and snow in crocs (aka shoes with holes in them and COLD (nay, FROZEN) feeties. The emergency run to Ocean State Job Lots for a snow scraper (who packs a snow scraper in OCTOBER - Not Erica!). This morning I had to shovel my van out of it's parking space. No snow tires means no off-roading for princess VAN-essa this weekend..

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but this chair is SOOOO
delightful....Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.......

On the way home this afternoon, I nearly ran out of gas. Planning to stop in W. Springfield MA for a fill-up I found the area (and the two stations there) to be without power. No worries I think, I'll just go up to Deerfield (40 miles north) only to find that there's no power there. Gas light lit now, let's try Greenfield - strikes four, five, six - at the 7th - there's a HUGE line - BUT there's power! Yay. I wait my turn, dig out cash for the full-service fill-up (beggars cannot be choosers) and BANG! The power goes out. OK, let's try another one...8th one has just lost power too, but there's another station (I'm told) about 10 miles THAT WAY that has gas and power. So I go, hoping that we've got enough to get there. We do, and about 45 minutes later we get to the pump (cash sales only mind you) and finally have a full tank of gas and we're ready to get back on the road. Whew! I was very happy to get home to power and I hope that our friends in MA and CT get their power back soon. We hope you're warm and safe too!

Teller's runs this weekend:

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