Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kipling's First Show - Albany and Troy Kennel Clubs - October 22-23, 2011

At six months and six days Kipling is now eligible for the puppy classes at dog shows (technically according to the AKC rulebook he could participate in obedience and rally too - but that's crazy talk). My goals with him are in the companion event rings, but there is something about hitting the breed rings as a puppy that's just so good for the performance dog - the exposure to a stressful, high activity environment; going into a ring and having a judge touch you (while getting cookies), have people clap for you (while getting cookies), get groomed right smack in the middle of chaos, see every shape and breed of dog while learning to MYOB...the breed ring can be such an unbelievably positive experience - if handled properly with the dog's personality in mind. Kipling has been to agility trials most weekends of his young life so the environment didn't seem to phase him. He did a great job - for his first time out or his 100th time out. He stacked, he stood while he was examined, he let the judge examine his toothies, he didn't put a foot out of place in his gaiting, he went with the handler while I was standing ringside (watching and taking pictures) - as if he knew his job.  Mission accomplished!

In return he got lots of positive attention and experience AND he got a lot of yummy chicken!
Kipling returns victorious from his day at the dog show - with his bag of chicken.
And some pictures from the weekend:
Suspension? Yeah, We've got that.

And Kippie how did you do on your first day of dog shows?

The boy can MOVE!

All smiles!

And for the second day:
Deanna asks Kipling to hold his ribbon.
And because it's too cute not to share, the boys patiently? waiting for their dinner to be ready Saturday night:
Suppers? Yeah, we's wants some....Peaz?
Oh and poor Teller just couldn't understand why we got up at the crack of dawn, drove a long way down and he didn't get to do anything. I thought for sure he'd be WILD Saturday night without getting to work at all, instead (and I do try not to anthropomorphise canine emotions) there was significant moping. Kipling crashed pretty hard after a couple of chewies and Teller - pouted. 

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