Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kipling CGC

I have been driving around with a CGC test form (AKC Canine Good Citizen) for the last month - just waiting to have the opportunity to have Kipling take the CGC test. I'm a CGC evaluator and I'm a huge advocate of training ALL dogs to the level of Canine Good Citizen - it's not just for show dogs, or purebred dogs - CGC is a basic standard to which all dogs should be trained to - imagine the world in which every dog owner took the time to teach their dog to sit and stay!

All of my dogs are (or have been) Canine Good Citizens - Kasei, Murphy, Teller and now Kipling. Kasei passed his CGC when he was about 4 years old, shortly before taking his therapy dog test - Kasei for all of his faults (temperament, structure, size, etc) was a brilliant therapy dog - easily passing both tests on the first try.

Murphy passed his CGC on the second try when he was about a year old - failing the first test by chewing on his leash and barking during the supervised separation. Oh Murphy! He was button-pusher even back then!

Teller passed his CGC test at 16 weeks. Teller the boy genius then promptly FLUNKED a second test at 14 months by bouncing off the evaluator within the first five minutes of the test. No worries sports fans - he passed his CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) CGN (Canine Good Neighbor) a few weeks later :-)

So now it was Kipling's turn - a few days short of six months, we're in Syracuse. A friend is out there with a day 'off' in the middle of the trial and I've got a willing puppy - AND a form :-) The most amusing part of the test came after the "wait" and during the recall. I left him in a sit, walked out 15', turned around to call him and some random guy grabs his folding chair and saunters (and I do mean saunters) through the recall line and around the back of Kipling. Kippie looked at the dude (only briefly) and then looked back at me - I called him and he came bounding over like it was any other proofing exercise. Good little monkey Kippie! You passed!

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