Sunday, October 09, 2011

BBTC and WMSSC - October 7-9, 2011

Teller sayz the Cheeseburger was so 
delicious, he decided to eat the napkin 
too :-)
It's always a risk to enter outdoor trials. It's even riskier to enter outdoor trials in Massachusetts in the middle of October! I'm not so fondly remembering the Bouvier Club's national specialty two years ago this weekend, held outdoors near my house on October 14th - it was 40 degrees and POURING rain with 50 mph gusts of wind. If it wasn't 5 minutes from my house I would have stayed home. As it was, it was incredibly miserable. BRUTAL even.

I entered this weekend taking the risk of bad weather prepared to stay home if the forecast looked gross. As it turns out, the agility gods smiled on us this weekend - if anything it was too warm and too sunny. Mornings started out chilly and the grass dewy and slick. The dew burned off quickly though and we had a lot of blue skies and happy people. Highs in the mid-80's were a bit out of Woo's comfort range, but not overly so...

Results from the weekend: Three JWW legs and a handful of points, Two standard runs that we screwed up - one mine (Sunday's weaves) and one Teller's (Friday's weird chute suck) - both at apparently unlucky obstacle #18. That means one more QQ for Teller - and we'll keep chip, chip, chipping away....

Video of the weekend runs:

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