Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Training - September 13th, 2011

It's kinda been a crazy couple of days around here. By the numbers: I've logged 24 billable hours in the last 36 hours, I'm running on a grand total of three hours of sleep, as I was setting up to work Teller tonight I received fourteen wasp stings all for 10 minutes of perfect agility training with Teller Woo and 5 minutes of 'table' with Kipling (that's a net-win by the way). The boys did get a super 45 minute swim at lunchtime (so they're quite content to chill this evening).

To cap off my evening I've got 60lbs of thawing duck necks to separate out into baggies for the next (no pun intended) 6 weeks of doggie dinners.. Oh my life of glamour! So, it was just a light session for Teller tonight one of my "one stick" sessions.

My goals for the evening: I wanted to work fast weaves and reinforce some tough weave entries and I wanted to touch up some handling. We also worked some dogwalk and teeter reps before quitting for the day. Good Woo!

In the event anyone was wondering....cause I answered the question on facebook:
  • 60 lbs of necks = 55 minutes to separate (partially frozen), pack, seal and load into the freezer.

  • 236 necks = 78 quart sized ziploc bags 3 necks per bag (next time I'm packing 9 necks into gallon bags)

  • 78 ziploc bags = 26 meals for three golden retrievers.

  • 2.3 pounds per meal = 3/4 pound (12oz) per dog per meal = roughly 4oz per duck neck.

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