Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pioneer Valley Kennel Club - September 17-18th, 2011

Another outdoor trial for Teller-Woo - and we were blessed with absolutely perfect weather for Teller-Woo. Sunny with highs in the mid 60's, though Saturday morning's 38 degrees at 6am when we arrived at the show site was a little harsh!
A Perfect Early Fall Afternoon - puffy clouds and BLUE skies!

Teller started Saturday AM with a JWW Q - good way to start the weekend. When we came back a few hours later for standard he warmed up beautifully, but got sniffy on the startline when I released him costing us a R at the first jump. Not like Teller Woo to blow me off like that, he came back and ran a good course - but he was clearly distracted. As it turned out many of the 20" and 24" intact dogs were affected - and it was pretty clear that someone brought (and ran) an in-season bitch - which sucks. Teller falls victim to stud dog brain - a first for everything eh? Signs went up about in-season bitches Sunday AM and I don't think there was a repeat today. About 15 minutes after Saturday's standard run, Teller ran Tine 2 Beat and while not the fastest, came out with a T2B Q and some T2B points. So a double Q for Teller, but not the kind I really wanted :-)
QQ Cheeseburger for T-Woo!

Sunday a new day, it was 48 degrees when we ran standard and Teller LOVED it. He adapts so well to footing and threw down a super standard run. Walking the JWW course I knew it'd be one of the courses that Teller would like and do well on - lots of room to extend, lots of room for me to send and cross, a 180 degree entry to the weaves (which Teller loves - don't know why) and a straight run out. Teller rocked it for a double Q (QQ #17) and a few more points finishing the weekend with 4 Qs over our 5 runs. Not too shabby!

Our runs from the weekend:

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