Monday, September 19, 2011

Out for a romp...

Back to the work week - beautifully sunny afternoon today that I decided was more suited to a run and romp at the school than a swim in the pool. Kipling's recall is not quite where I want it to be - he hasn't yet blown a 'come' but there are moments off-leash where he's not too concerned about where I am, so the BIG boys got to be off-leash and Kipling got to be on a lunge line (circa 1990 maybe - from my horse days). The idea is that Kipling drags it off his harness and if I need to I can either step on the line or grab it. So we get there, I let Teller and Murphy off their leashes and drop Kipling's and suddenly there is this wild shrieking - about 25 elementary school students screaming bloody murder and running right at us! Yikes Scooby!

Thankfully they stopped in the middle field - they played parachute games (whilst screaming) and my boys worked some obedience, did some retrieves and I took some pictures. I knew Murphy and Teller would mostly ignore the children - certainly wouldn't leave me to go visit, but I wasn't sure what the puppy would do - he acknowledged the kids were there (stopped and looked) and resumed playing with the BIG boys. What a champ!
9/19/2011: Recall Exercise I - Part One.
9/19/2011: Recall Exercise I - Part Two.
Murphy did not get the "come" memo...
9/19/2011: Recall Exercise II - Part One
Let's try that again shall we?
9/19/2011: Recall Exercise II - Part Two
That's better!!!
9/19/2011:  Murphy (7), Teller (4.5) and Kipling (5 months)
Note the parachute in the background
9/19/2011:  Murphy, Teller and Kipling
Working their distance downs.

9/19/2011: Kipling and Teller practicing their "whoa's" as Murphy fraps around playing 

9/19/2011: Kipling (five months) and Teller

9/19/2011: Muppet Murphy

9/19/2011: I put Kipling and Murphy away so Teller could have some good
long retrieve runs. FLY Woo!!! FLY!

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