Monday, September 05, 2011

Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club - September 3-5th, 2011

We spent the long weekend at the dog show in Westfield - yes, Erica ventured outdoors again...Outdoors are such a toss up for me - I'm amused when I hear over and over again that various dogs can't work outside. Hearing things like 'There are too many smells', 'too many distractions', 'my dog will leave the ring', etc etc. Train, don't complain and don't sell your dog short - agility isn't about having three walls and a pristine environment.

That being said, there's a certain amount of risk for me to get in the car and drive many hours and book a hotel for an outdoor show. Teller overheats in hot weather and it's hard for me to keep him comfortable in temperatures over 85 degrees. If he's hot he runs like a slug - which beats the alternative of a) not running or b) running like a kamikaze and really frying himself. Then there's the safety factor of running in hard rain, mud. I'm not all that worried about Teller - who is an expert at running to the conditions - but I know my own limitations - the last thing I need is to rupture a crutiate.

Anyhow, we got pretty lucky this weekend. Saturday was hot when it was time for the big dogs to run - and Teller's JWW performance certainly reflected that - I beat him down a line I had no business beating him down. Such an honest dog, he held in there and kept working. In Saturday's standard run we had the classic Woo trap, dogwalk to the 'wrong' end of the tunnel. Teller got his DW contact and then blissfully ignored me while he galloped into the wrong course tunnel...

Sunday morning the big dogs got to run first, so we were done both of our runs by 11 when it stayed reasonably cool. A cold (cool, cool-ish, etc) Teller is a really happy Teller we redeemed ourselves with a nice double Q on a couple of tough courses - always nice to come back strong for day two!

Monday we had both our runs within an hour of each other. Standard was a really tight, tight course - I goofed up a serp -line, should have taken one more step towards that out jump. I was rushing a front-cross between #8 and #9 and just did not support the #7 jump. We came back in JWW a few moments later though!

We missed the rain and winds (and tornado) in Westfield, that southern VTand eastern NY had this weekend, would have been a bummer of a weekend if we hadn't!

Weaves...I'm not sure what's going on - Teller has gotten really pokey in the weaves in trial - some runs, but not all runs. I speculated it was me distance to him (close =  slow, far = fast) but that didn't seem to pan out this weekend. I'm going to go back and do some analysis to see if I can put a better finger on it. He's definitely not weaving like that in training (or at the fair last week).

I'm missing a few videos of runs from the weekend - unfortunately the standard half of our double-Q on Saturday - take my word for it, it was a gorgeous run!

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