Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Training - August 30th, 2011

Irene is history, we're relatively dry and unscathed here (southern Vermont is still devastated and will be for a long while). The sun was out for a few moments so we went out to play a bit before the next rainstorm (which occurred approximately 90 seconds after I finished working Teller). Here's what I setup tonight:

Just a quick sequence tonight - one of those sequences that took longer to 
setup than it took to actually run. 
This might look a little scattered - a couple of sequences I worked separately:
BLUE: Left Teller near the tunnel opening, lead out to the weaves. Pushed into
the tunnel, pivot into the weaves. RED: Left Teller at the tunnel again - lead out
pushed for some speed to the a-frame 2o2o, front cross to the tire/table. PURPLE:
Handler path along the dotted line, layered the jump near the tunnel accelerated
passed the a-frame pushing the 2o2o.

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