Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tartan Gordon Setter Club - August 13-14, 2011

A late night back from the Gordon Setter Trial this weekend. I forget how much time FAST adds to a trial day. The show ran Ex FAST, Open FAST, Novice FAST, Ex Standard, Open Standard, Novice Standard, Ex JWW, Open JWW, Novice JWW. When the trial runs small to tall and excellent standard doesn't even start walking until 10:30 it's going to be a LONG day and a longer drive home. We finished our second run of the day (no FAST for Woo) around 5:30pm after a 5:00am wake-up call.

Silly R (my fault) off the double. I thought he'd committed to the double and moved for a front-cross. He came with me. Silly. We redeemed ourselves with a JWW Q, 8 points and 3rd place.

The #17 obstacle was the a-frame, with a VERY tempting tire at the bottom of the a-frame - beckoning the Woo who was amp'ed at the end of his run. He didn't take the tire and came off when I called him, but he was already past the refusal plane for the three jumps out. Too bad. The Sunday JWW run (at 5pm) was a tough course, Woo in classic Woo form pulled off a JWW Q, 6 points and another 3rd place.

Other things worth noting:
My iPhone went stupid on Saturday morning and the alarm never went off. I woke up at 5:48am and had arranged to meet someone (and leave for show grounds) at 6am. DOH! I totally would have made it for 6:05 if I hadn't gotten locked out of my room (with two of the three still inside the room). Card-Key doesn't work so Erica sprints to office to get new key, morning manager made me a new key, Erica sprints back to room - no dice, Erica runs back to office, talks manager into coming down to open the door with master key, master key doesn't work....Manager has to call corporate. Manager finds some magic device that plugs into bottom of lock that opens the door. Meanwhile Murphy and Teller demonstrate extreme patience from inside the door and Erica tries to insist how urgent it is that I get my dogs out REALLY REALLY soon while trying not to be "that" annoying psycho and yes shrill customer.

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