Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kipling walks the plank.

Arrrrr, mateys. You scurvy dawg - walk da plank! So I'm a little early for talk like a pirate day, hard to let a plank reference go though! Anyhow, now one day short of 18 weeks, Kipling has gotten a good chunk of reinforcement for offering two-on two-off (2o2o) on various objects: The basement bulkhead, the cookie tin, the tippy board, curbs in hotel parking lots, etc. Time to try a real plank!

I'm using the cones to direct his end behavior to the end of the board - he has to do his 2o2o at the end of the board between the two cones. The cones will fade over time. The high end of the plank is on a milk crate (remember those? Mine is from Idlenot - New England folks, remember Idlenot Farms?). This is as high as the plank will go for quite a while while Kipling grows up.

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