Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kipling 17 weeks

I'm in process of putting together a training journal post for Kipling at 16 and now 17 weeks (with a brand new video). My on-call week was a bit chaotic which always puts me a behind. So a few pictures of 16-17 weeks. Kipling went in for his rabies shot on Friday and weighed in at 32lbs, on Saturday I put him up on the table for measurement and he came in at 17.75" at the withers....they don't stay small for long do they?

Kipling practicing his stand on Saturday - Technically still 16 weeks here  :-)

Teller and Kipling Saturday night...aka Woo and M-Woo (mini).

Saturday Night chillin' with frog-Murphy chewing some bones.

Monday: 17 week old Kipling has mostly outgrown his days ex-pen confinement. 

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