Monday, July 04, 2011

Kipling's Roadtrip Adventure

Little Kipling got to come with us on our weekend roadtrip to New Hampshire - his first day with us three weeks ago was at a dog show, but this was his first pack up and go excursion and I wasn't at all sure how it would go. Kippie is a really good puppy, but as Darth Vader said (In Star Wars IV: A New Hope - 1977): The force is strong in this one. He is adaptable but at times very opinionated - anyone ever meet a puppy that wasn't?
Kippie with his 'girlfriend' on the return trip
on Sunday afternoon....

Friday morning started with a trip to the vet for round two of puppy vaccinations where Kipling weighed in at a hefty 19 pounds. After his vet visit, we ran some errands around town and stopped in at my office to introduce Kipling to my work peeps - all added up to a very tired little puppy, who slept and played quietly the entire 3+ hours he was in the van on the drive south on Friday.

At the hotel Kipling slept and ate in a Noz to Nox softcrate - which I hope he's able to continue to do, I'd really like to be able to leave the wire crates at home when we travel if possible. Teller was always trustworthy in mesh crates  - so I'm hopeful that acceptance of boundaries carries over to Kippie too.

Kipling settles in for a chewie Saturday evening
while Murphy looks on....
Friday evening Kipling went right into his normal routine at the hotel - not missing a beat. Potty, dinner, potty, romp with the big boys, short nap, potty, training session, potty, chewie session, potty and in bed (with his frozen 'girlfriend') by 9pm.

Kipling was awake around 4:30am (as evidenced by the not so soft squeaka-squeaka of this Baxter the Bull* toy from inside his crate) but (other than Baxter) remained quiet and entertained until I went to get him at 5am.
*In a prior version of this post I mentioned Dudley the Dog, when in reality Kippie owns Baxter the could I be so silly?

I crated Kipling (and the boys) inside in the air conditioning this weekend - Kippie in a wire crate between the big boys' pop-up crates. I made sure to freeze several girlfriends for the weekend - knowing that keeping him comfortable is really the key to keeping him settled and quiet. and was very grateful to to a trial buddy who froze and brought us a new frozen girlfriend for Sunday morning. Once again Kipling just adapted to the new routine and didn't make a peep in his crate all weekend. I did keep to a modified home routine during the day - several trips outside between my worker duties and Teller's trial routine. Kipling got his lunch after Teller's first runs of the day and had four or five potty plus meet and greet outings each day...Kipling even got a couple of outings with 'strangers' who collected him from his crate, pottied him, played with him and returned him to his crate with a cookie. Kippie is very fortunate to have so many aunties who love him so much already.
Adding a third crate has required me to pack
a bit more carefully into the middle row.

On a side note - I'm a packer and a planner (one of the reasons I always put together lesson plans for classes). I pack for nearly every contingency on the road - one of the reasons it takes me so long to prepare for a trial - even though we trial a lot, my compulsive, prepared for everything nature unpacks everything when we arrive home (wash, dry, etc) and repacks the day before we leave again.

Packing for three dogs when one of those dogs is a puppy is quite different than packing for two dogs. We rolled out of town on Friday with a grand total of nine dog crates: three permanent installations in the van, four pop-up 'sport' crates for the  big boys at the trial and in the hotel in the event I needed to leave them for dinner, one noz to noz crate for Kippie in the hotel and one borrowed sheltie sized wire crate for the trial site (which I figure Kipling will fit into for approximately two more weeks).

Don't worry sports-fans, Kippie had plenty of room on his side, though a few things stacked on top of his crate. Notice the tote full of puppy toys for the poor deprived lad.

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