Sunday, July 31, 2011

Green Mountain Golden Retriever Club - July 29-31, 2011

LOVE the home shows - don't always do so well at the home shows, but I DO enjoy sleeping in our own beds, swimming in our own pool, BBQing for friends here and of course the drive home!!! Some results from the weekend:

Friday - mid 80's, pretty humid. We were inside this weekend, but no AC so the humidity was uncomfortable.
FAST - Q for Teller first thing - 77 points in 32.12 seconds, good enough for 1st place and high scoring golden retriever.
Standard - we had a bar down into a corner. I had rear-crossed the jump prior to the double and I think he felt the pressure of a corner/ring crew/spectators and just ticked the double. It was a hard tick and the bar came down.
JWW - Another bust with another bar - this one 100% on me. Teller was a bit sluggish on this run and in one spot where I had planned to rear I wasn't in a position to do so with him with me (not ahead of me), I compensated by rearing the next jump - which worked, but put me in a really bad place for a front cross on the next one. Jumping into me the bar came down. Two bars in one day - very un-Woo like!

Saturday - mid-80's low humidity.
JWW - I really like starting the day with JWW, I believe it was David Hirsch who said "it's like eating dessert for breakfast". Teller had a lovely run for a Q, 9 points, 3rd place and high scoring golden
Standard - it was a lovely, perfect run until the last three obstacles - chute,  90 degree right turn to a wing, 90 degree left turn to the triple. My intention was to serp' the line, but after watching much faster 20" dogs and handlers blow the line over and over again I decided to try to get a front cross in there. I really SHOULD have gotten in there and reared the wing and then picked him up for the triple. The best laid plans....No QQ.

Sunday - mid 80's, moderate humidity.
T2B - Our first real T2B run, we've previously run it in demo's but not since July 1st. Teller did well and actually had the T2B well through the 24" class, but finished with a 2nd place, 9 T2B points and high scoring golden.

Standard - Finally our standard Q. Nice run, I felt like Woo was a little slower than normal, but he was methodical, kept all the bars up and his handler didn't do anything stupid :-) 4th place for this run, 7 MACH points and high scoring golden.

JWW - Nice jumpers run, smooth and flowing. Good enough for another 6 points and high scoring golden.

The runs from the weekend:

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