Friday, July 22, 2011

From around here - July 22nd, 2011

Hot Hazy and Humid. Too hot for the dogs to play outside, too hot for walks - even too hot for swimmies yesterday.

7/21/2011 - 95 degrees and humid - just short excursions into the yard.
Kipling and Teller observed from afar.

7/21/2011 - Boys still gotta play!

7/21/2011 -  Woo

7/21/2011 - Murphy looking handsome.
And from today, Kipling went to the vet for his booster shot and puppy checkup. Kipling weighs 26.2 lbs!
7/22/2011 - Waiting to checkout at the vet's office Kippie starts offering 2o2o on the scale :-)

7/22/2011 -  Kippie comes home, wakes up Murphy and attempts to settle in for a
 good long chewie. No dice Kip'ster, it's time for your morning nap.....
Tonight the boys got some swimmies, in between retrieves I actually hosed them off while they stood on the pool steps - really cold water on their backs and bellies, a few more laps and a few more retrieves and repeat. Kipling is up to about 45 minutes of swimming now - joining in laps around the pool with the BIG boys.

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