Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flying Purple Puppy Pooper....

The pager had me busy this morning, which made everything a little late - so I was multitasking yard cleanup, pool maintenance and trying to remember to thaw out a brick of dog food (it was chicken and veggies for dinner tonight) - I turned around to see Kipling sitting next to me looking like THIS:

Kippie says: "I didn't do it".
It's OK folks - it's not massive head-wound Harry, it's juicy sticky residue from black raspberries which despite my best intentions to kill the buggers over the last 11 years are in full bloom right now, heavily in bloom with yummy berries that the dogs look forward to every year. It's Murphy who has taught Kipling how to pick berries through the pickers. It appears however, that Kipling has discovered that his short stature is well suited for grabbing the low fruit and getting inside the bushes to get the ripest berries. So I turn around and see what appears to be a bloodied (though very happy) puppy. It took me a moment to realize what he had on him (even though I knew he was berry picking). So of course it was funny - and worthy of a picture.

No, he didn't get a bath - no need. By lunchtime he'd mostly cleaned himself up and by dinnertime (save for the bit of berry I managed to make WORSE by brushing him) looks more like a punk kid with kool-aid colored locks. Perhaps this is his rebellion phase? Next he'll be off to get a tattoo and a belly button ring.

Lunchtime - no longer red. Living up to his status as Purple Boy.

July 12th: Flying Purple Puppy Pooper.

And here's what happens when you try to brush out the chunky purple bits.

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