Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Time 2 Beat Practice - June 7th, 2011

With the new AKC class "Time 2 Beat" starting July 1st, 2011 (it's been offered as 'demos' for quite a while now), I offered to design and setup a Time 2 Beat course. If it looks like a USDAA steeplechase course it should ;-)

A brief synopsis of the rules:
Course consists of one contact and two weaves (always 12 poles) or one weave and two contacts (a-frame and teeter, teeter taken twice or a-frame taken twice - NO dogwalk in Time 2 Beat.

All levels compete together - T2B and T2B preferred. Novice dogs run the same course as Excellent dogs.

Courses are not wheeled, yardage is not measured, there is no "standard course time".

The name is confusing - Time 2 Beat implies that you know ahead of time the time that you have to 'beat'. This isn't true. In fact you don't know who was the time to beat for a height class until all dogs have run. The fastest dog with a clean run in each height class sets the time to beat and receives 10 points for that run. Other qualifiers earn between 1 and 9 points based a percentage of the Time 2 Beat.

To earn the T2B title dogs need to have 15 qualifying scores and 100 points. Numbers will be appended to the T2B title (T2B2, T2B3, etc) - however unlike the MACH once a T2B title is earned both accumulated legs and points will reset to zero, points and legs will not roll over to the next title.


Here's what I put together for practice (according to CRCD this is approximately 110 yards):

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