Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Sunday

Lots of play outside today while trying to keep Kipling's schedule intact as much as possible. Sure we're weekend warriors most of the time, but with such a young (and impressionable) wee lad I want to keep settling him into a routine.That doesn't mean we can't have fun!

It wasn't terribly hot today - nor sunny, but I decided it was time to drag out the baby pool to let Kipling play in water. Murphy and Teller really don't understand the concept of a kiddie pool. Why would we play in THAT when we could play in the big pool? I can't say I blame them!

The big dogs generally don't care about kiddie pools. What's the point?
Teller makes an exception to show Kipling how to play in a bitty pool.

Murphy adds a how-to lesson too.

Maybe I'll just scamper around.

Oh! So this is how you do it!

Move over Dad, quit hogging my pool!

Dig, dig, dig! (Teller grazing in the background).
After fun and nonsense in the kiddie pool Teller enticed Kipling into a rousing game of 'run around the big pool':
There goes Teller!
And Kippie hot on his heels!

And back around!

Where's the puppy?

Kipling crashes into Murphy - who really picked a bad place to graze.

More wheeeeee!

I got legs this week, I can catch you!!!

How bitey face games always end around here...

OK, Enough fooling around whippersnappers, I want to swim in the
BIG pool now. C'mon, lets go!
So off we went to the big pool. Kippie too, who bravely jumped down onto the first step, then practiced swimming a couple of feet to the stairs. It's always harder for the dogs to figure out how to get down the pool steps than it is to get up the pool steps. After about 10 minutes Kipling was cold so he got toweled off and put down for his afternoon nap while the big boys swam some more, got dried off with the blower and ate a couple of sardines.




Teller's water entry

Murphy's water entry



Teller waiting for me to finish his fluff and dry.
Yes, sometimes he has a bad hair day :-)

And a well deserved nap!

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