Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sequencing June 25th, 2011

I started the weekend morning with a rescheduled puppy class and private lesson - which were conducted in a light drizzle. Kipling went along as shotgun getting to watch the bigger dogs work while practicing being a good boy in the van. When we were finished however, the skies parted and it seemed like a good time to get the new-to-me dogwalk put together and setup so we went back home and picked up the big dogs.

Since Teller's big weekend at SAAC and the puppy coming home and all of the resulting chaos, Teller has been on a planned vacation since the trial on Monday. Some swimming, some random obedience work but mostly imposed R&R. So when he saw where we were going today, I think he was pretty eager to finally get back to work. If he's annoyed with anything about having the puppy home it seems to be that the puppy is getting to 'work' more than he has this week. It's a fine line T-Woo!

Anyhow, here's what Woo and I setup to work this morning - in the rain actually by the time we had everything setup. Which did feel pretty good! Not surprisingly 60 degrees and drizzle is pretty much Teller's kind of weather, no heat, no humidity and sod under his paws.

Kipling and Murphy went along too, Kippie getting to do his meet and greet and show off his impressive baby tugging skills (grrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrr). Kipling watched us move equipment around, watched Teller settle, napped a bit - but otherwise not a peep out of him. Then came home, went for a short walk, had a tantrum that we worked through around his dining conditions and crashed pretty hard for a nap. Rough life being a wee little bupp-ie (as MDA would say).

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