Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kipling - the first 24 hours

Kipling was conceived on Valentines Day, the ultrasound confirmed pregnancy on St. Patricks' Day and the "Story" litter was born on Palm Sunday  - so it was only fitting that Kipling would come 'home' on Fathers' Day. We were at the June SAAC trial this weekend in Greenwich, so little Kipling spent his first night with us in the hotel room.
Father meets son.

Ahhhh, puppy fits, puppy tantrums and adjustments...
Kipling is an amazingly confident and adaptable little fellow. Getting out of the van he was on a leash for the very first time! Oh adjustments! What do you mean I can't go OVER THERE??? Lots of praise and patience and he figured it out pretty quickly - less quickly was 'don't walk between or through my legs dude!".

You guys have chewies here?
In the hotel Sunday night, Kipling was not particularly thrilled about being put in a box. We had a pretty good fit and settle around 7pm just after we arrived back at the room. Then after a couple of hours of play (and several potty breaks) he crashed pretty hard for bed. At 3:30am though he was READY for some action and that action (he thought) was not to be found in a 24" wire crate! Rule #1 in my puppy program is a screaming, whining or barking puppy does not get let out of their crate. Quiet puppies get to come out of their crates, so I waited for Kipling to pause and took him out for a potty at 4am (and he didn't go). So back to the box for the rest of the morning - which wasn't all that long since we had to be up at 5am anyhow.
Sometimes Dad, you just get a tail in the face.

Both my boys were incredibly receptive to the puppy - but Teller was the one most interested in playing with and interacting with Kipling. Murphy has always been my puppy raiser (for so many puppies in puppy classes over the years), but he's been taking a observational role the last couple of days as Teller has really stepped into the puppy raiser role. It's Teller who engages Kipling and it's Teller that Kipling seems to have picked to be his buddy. Murph as always is patient and kind - but Murph has always preferred the one on one play over larger groups of play - so the "third" dog dynamic might have more to do with it. Now that we're back home for a while I'll be mixing up dynamics quite a bit.

Dog Shows are HARD work!!!
At the trial yesterday Kipling was a rockstar. Of course golden puppies are super-cute anyway, but Kipling's outgoing "hey, you're here to see ME right" temperament was pretty endearing. Kathy had mentioned that the puppies settled with frozen water bottles and had given me one on Sunday night - I saved it for the trial day on Monday. What a difference it made for the little guy! Kipling spent the day practicing his very best "show dog" behavior. We went out and about practicing leash walking and meeting new people - both solo and in a pack-walk - but when he wasn't out and about he was in his box in the van napping, people watching or quietly playing with his toys and chewies.
Kipling (son, grand-nephew),
Murphy (Uncle, Great Uncle)
and Teller Woo (Dad and Nephew).

Kipling's leash walking skills progressed enough to take a short pack walk yesterday afternoon before we headed home. OK, mostly following the leader, but he's got the idea that we all move in the same direction at the same time.

Once we got home and got everyone settled (and I forgot how long it takes to get a puppy settled), fed and pottied, we jumped right into some puppy training, socialization and routine setting. Last night Kipling (who is already mostly called "Kippie") worked on the basics of recall, name recognition, play-fetching, hand touch, sit and down. All is going well so far.

Some more pics of the last 24 hours:

Play!! The blurry bit is Kipling pawing at daddy.

Pedestrians are fascinating!!!

And that my friends, is the end of this blog entry.....

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