Sunday, May 08, 2011

TMAC - May 7-8, 2011

We're back late from our weekend in Westfield, MA at Talcott Mountain Agility Club's spring trial. This weekend in May seems to be quite unpredictable - we've seen 90 degrees and high humidity, 40 degrees and raining and everything in between. We were lucky this weekend - highs in the mid-70's, sunny blue skies and just a bit of a breeze - in short - PERFECT!

Perfect was the theme of the weekend - Woo started out with a FAST Q and a third place. Way to go Woo!

Teller's Saturday standard Q cheeseburger from
On the Border.
On to Standard Saturday - one of Lavonda Herring's super courses. With another Q and 14 points (and MX leg #9). Teller earned a cheeseburger on that one! Teller had one super-super save and I held him on his table and his dogwalk for a few seconds - which took us out of placements - but - it's really important to me to hold him on his contacts right now AND praise the heck out of them! With the standard Q, Teller earned himself a cheeseburger!

Saturday JWW was under judge Barbara Diaz - Teller turned in an 8 point run - good enough for QQ #7!

Teller's Sunday standard Q cheeseburger
on the way home this evening. Don't worry
he shared the bounty with Smurfy...
Sunday morning was a time to beat demo - which I intentionally skipped. I wanted to have a fresh dog for day two and Sunday ran little to big (4-26"). The result of which meant that we were up and ready to go at 6am this morning and I'm not particularly keen to hang out at the motel if we're ready to go and arrived onsite by 7:15 - with Teller's first run at about 2pm. Anyhow, none of this phased the Woo, who turned in a 49 second standard Q (13 points) - with held contacts to finish his MX - and earned another cheeseburger.

Our JWW run came at about 4:15 - it was sunny and pretty warm - a lot of dogs came out without much "gas" in their tank - I was thrilled to find that Teller was actually really pretty fresh for his 5th run of the weekend, he finished up QQ #8 with 7 points to cap off his PERFECT weekend!!!

I've often given Teller some Glyco-Charge after his runs, but I usually dilute it a lot more than the recommended mixture. Because the weather was relatively warm and sunny (and because Teller runs so hot anyway) I tried serving the Glycocharge at the recommended ratio to water and I served it 15 minutes before each run and 15 minutes after each run along with his banana. About 8-12oz of glycocharge water per run. Teller seemed fresher to me than I would have expected - but I'm not sure if it's the "juice" as I call it - that he was properly hydrated (I don't think he drinks enough at trials)  - that he's in really good conditioning right now - or that since we've stopped training on slippery footing he's working faster in training and I'm handling him better as a result. I'll keep dosing with "juice" and see. Either way I'm really so so pleased with his work this weekend. What a rush to run this weekend! LOVE LOVE LOVE my Teller-Woo!

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