Sunday, May 15, 2011

Syracuse Obedience Training Club - May 13-15th, 2011

We're back from a whirlwind trip to Syracuse - this time for the SOTC agility trial. I'm really behind on the blog and my email so a bit of a brief catchup of the weekend tonight:

We started with FAST - Teller Q'ed with a 2nd place - he picked out a pink Cuz toy for his placement prize. Things went a bit down-hill from there. He had a bar in standard and I botched a front cross in JWW which pulled him off a serp line for a double NQ.

All the stars aligned for a triple Q on Saturday - second place in FAST. Held a-frame and dog-walk contacts on Saturday - made my weekend right there, and a nice clean JWW run Saturday afternoon. Saturday was a rough day for us - FAST at 8am, Standard at 2:30pm and JWW at 4:30pm - I really would have liked to have a nap in the middle there! There was a lot of down time!

Just Standard and JWW today - Standard at 8am, nice run up until the end - not entirely sure why Teller saw the triple coming off the teeter (backwards). I think part of it (and I can see it on the video) is that coming out of the tunnel to the teeter I looked up to see the judge right where I had planned to be, I had to move out laterally and I think Teller just went with me. We ran JWW about an hour later - nice to have a short day. Woo had a nice run - weaves were VERY slow and deliberate - which tends to happen when we've had a mistake in the morning run.

So that's QQ #9 for 2011!

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