Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Swimmies and what's for dinner?

Yesterday's day off turned into quite the packed day - the annual NOMAD equipment restoration party, run-throughs with Teller at Show Me the Biscuit, a run at the school for Teller, then some swimmies and off to Colchester to pick up some friends to head to the Iditarod lecture. We left the house at 8:30 and didn't really stop again until 10pm.

Today's agenda was considerably less involved!
Summa-Tyme. The pool is a balmy 65 degrees!
iPhone 4
Woo in the foreground w/ Chuck-it Duck
Murphy in the background looking for fishie.
I liked the look of focus on Teller's face here...
And after all that swimming, pool and yard play it was still not raining (with significant rainfall 7 out of the last 7 days we're a little rained-out at this point), so it was time for the boys to have some of their outdoor dinner tonight. The boys love to eat al fresco because it always means some of the 'good' stuff! Here's what was on the menu tonight (pictured below thawing in the garage):
First course: Whole Mackerel
Second course: Performance Dog (Tripe and Trachea)
....Country Club attire required.....

Murphy makes quick work of his mackerel...They always start with the head.
Which is JUST as disturbing as it sounds.
iPhone 4

Having finished his own fish, Murphy offers to help Teller finish his fishy.
Murphy was eventually escorted off the patio until the second course.

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