Sunday, May 01, 2011

Product Review: Buddy Wash and Buddy Rinse

We're pretty loyal Isle of Dog users here (No. 20 Royal Jelly Shampoo and No 50. Light Management Conditioner) and we've been known to use Bio-Groom products (Lanolin Conditioning Shampoo and Silk Creme Rinse). I won a grooming gift basket in a worker raffle recently that contained (among other things) a bottle of Buddy Wash and a bottle of Buddy Rinse.

With the NOMAD equipment moving out of the barn for the winter and the mud season (hopefully) waning into summer, glorious summer, it was time for a good springtime bath. So I decided to try the Cloud Star Buddy Wash and Rinse. I loved the smell of these products: lavender and mint. The scent is clean and refreshing - though if I were to be perfectly honest the scent is a bit feminine. I'm not sure it's a scent Teller would pick for himself - but since the dogs' lives around here are not a democracy - Buddy Wash it was today.

My usual method for washing the dogs is to dilute shampoos (and rinses) and apply to a (mostly) dry dog. It's an old groomer's trick - bathe a wet dog and you don't know where you've gotten the shampoo. Bathe a dry dog and you know exactly where and how much shampoo you've put on your dog. For most shampoos I use a dilution of about 1 part shampoo to 10 parts water (and typically 1:4 for conditioners and creme rinses). I did the same with the Buddy Wash (and Buddy Rinse).

Even diluted I found the shampoo to be really foamy and when it came time to rinse it took a long time ( > 15 minutes) to get water to run clear. I ought to have stopped there, but ended up using the diluted Buddy Rinse as well, which went on and into the coat smoothly, but also took a VERY long time to rinse out cleanly.

May 1, 2011; A big wet Woo.
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Under normal circumstances I can do quick bath or spot bath in about 10 minutes and a full bath (shampoo, conditioner and rinse) in about 20 minutes start to finish. Today's bath with Buddy Wash and Buddy Rinse took well over 40 minutes with all of the extra rinsing.

I don't know if I'd have had better luck with a more diluted product or if I had a shorter coated dog to work with but it really took far too long to properly rinse Teller.

The great thing about warmer weather was that I can let Teller air-dry. I'm so blessed with his coat that dries smooth, straight and fluffy - even air-dried. As Teller dried though it was apparent that I wasn't going to get the clean and shiny show dog looking coat that I've come to expect after a bath.. He's clean - for sure - but his shiny (even when dirty) coat appears dull and broken. No shiny glistening highlights and no fullness to the coat at all. He looks dirty and his coat looks dried out and over-worked which I know isn't the case.

May 1, 2011: Wet head
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Again, I don't know if I'd get different results if I had a short-haired dog - or if I didn't have the expectation of a bouncy shiny "show" coat - but alas. Cloud Star as a company seems to be very reputable, Teller (and Murphy too) love their itty-bitty-buddy-biscuits, but I just can't recommend their shampoo products.

If you've read this blog before, you know that I generally don't post negative reviews of products - I worry though about the amount of rinsing I had to do with these products. That was A LOT of water used to rinse (which always seems wasteful) and if someone wasn't as thorough on the rinsing as I was today I'd imagine that residual shampoo could cause some yucky (and painful) skin issues. As for Teller-Woo, he'll be getting another bath this week. I am really enjoying the lavender and mint scent though :-) Anyone out there want the rest of my Buddy Wash and Buddy Rinse?

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