Sunday, May 01, 2011

Murphy Update...May 1st, 2011

This feels like the saga that will never end...As Murphy coasts through day #19 of his life in a cone (I will keep offering him to my friends the O'Briens so that we can call him "Conehead O'Brien"....Oh but I jest (mostly).
May 1st, 2011: Murphy has learned to clear coffee tables
with a single swipe of the cone.....

His hock WAS looking really good until yesterday afternoon when we had a bit of an incident. Mr. Murphy was off-leash (yeah, my bad) grazing - as he likes to do, while I worked on the pool and pool filter. All of a sudden Teller gets a case of happy feet (which he is known to do from time to time) and gallops laps around the pool. I let Teller go for a lap then sensing a disturbance in the force put him into a down-stay. Murphy (still grazing) does an amazing leap and buck and starts to "frap". In my very best former- riding-instructor-voice I belted out "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" and grab him mid-leap.

Alas, the damage was done. His stitches held, but the area around his staples were pink and a little oozy. Today the ooze has stopped but there's definitely a scab there now - where there wasn't a scab before. I'm discouraged, I'm worried about it again (still).  He's got an appointment on Tuesday to have the staples and stitches out - I'm hoping we're still progressing towards the right side of this process, but I definitely shared a bit of a pity party with Murphy this morning...

And how about a token Q shot?

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