Wednesday, May 25, 2011

As the pool toys float....

"If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by."
Sun Tzu, Author "The Art of War"

"If you stand by the pool edge long enough, you will see all your pool toys float by."
Erica Ferland, Author "This Blog"

My brain must be getting soggy. All this rain and wind. I think we're going on 15 of the last 17 days have had measurable rain-fall. OK, in the grand scheme of things we're not on Lake Champlain that last week was 3' above the previous 1890 record level, my home has not been flooded with several feet of water, I'm not a resident of Joslin, Missouri (my heart breaks for that community - 125 dead and 1500 still missing, that just hurts) and I don't live in a community on the Mississippi River (I can't imagine being in a position where the government decides to open a dam to sacrifice MY home to save the home of a stranger down river - I just can't get my head around THAT ever being OK) - but with all due respect to whatever force in the universe that has dumped 15" of water on us over the last month - please stop already.

Today was one of those two dry days! Sunshine, no wind, no rain. Of course we're stuck in the office on this beautiful day, but the boys squeezed in a quick morning swim before breakfast - and a more proper 90 minute swim and romp this evening. Just a few pics of the evening activity....

May 25th: Ships passing at sea...
iPhone 4
May 25th: Smooooth.
iPhone 4
May 25th: Classic Teller water entry. He wouldn't win any style points.
Murph just stays out of the way.
iPhone 4

May 25th: And this boys and girls is why (even after 15" of rain this month) that I had to add water to 
the pool tonight.I think he removes about 1.5 gallons every time he got out of the pool....No, I wasn't 
going to sit poolside in a puddle to throw toys. 
iPhone 4
May 25th: Please throw the fish again....
iPhone 4

More rain and high-winds on the forecast for tomorrow. Just in time to fill the pool the rest of the way....

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